Luxor 3 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Loading screen
Main menu
Game modes
Game start
Level statistics
Power-up upgrades store
Stage 1-2: Hypostyle hall
Stage 1-3: Lotus bloom
Stage 1-4: Wealth of kings
Stage 1-5: Apep's waters
Stage 1-6: Road of ancients
Stage 1 loading screen
Opening the ark.
Bonus stage
Stage 2-1: Among the stars
Stage 2-2: Osiris sleeps
Stage 2-2: Defender of Nut
Stage 2-4: Precious cargo
Stage 2-5: Pharaoh's water garden
Stage 2-6: Vine of life
Stage 2-7: Here kitty, kitty
Game progress
Stage 3-1: Path of Horus
Stage 3-2: Horus crosses the Nile
Trophy room
Statistics screen