Luxor Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPhone version

Main Menu
Complex rules!
The world map shows you how far you have to go
Begin the stage!
Colored balls begin to snake towards the pyramid
By hitting balls of the same colour, the balls stop briefly
Nearly clear!
Shoot your balls in the right spot and you'll score big combos
Once you finish the level, a scarab flies across the path, giving you a bonus
Your level stats

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
World map
Stage 4-1 - Firing a yellow ball
Stage 4-1 - Using the lightning power-up
Stage 4-2 - Precision shot active
Beginning of Stage 4-3
Stage 4-4 - You have a lot of time here due to the various horizontal rows
Stage 4-5 - Now it gets funny... two parallel tracks
Wild ball - it is basically an all colored sphere
Level statistics after successfully completing a level
Stage completed
Foul - the spheres have entered your pyramid and you have lost a life