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    Chip is in love, but if he wants to capture the heart of Melinda the Mental Marvel
    there is a tough challenge ahead.

    144 levels of mind-boggling dexterity and wrist-wrenching agility
    stand between him and Membership of the BIT BUSTER CLUB.

    Once he gets into the club he'll get into Melinda's heart and together
    they can integrate technology.

    • 144 exasperating levels.
    • Hordes of traps and nasties.
    • An exhilarating test of mental agility.
    • An exhausting exercise of dexterity.
    • 100% ADDICTIVE!

    Contributed by Katakis | カタキス (39531) on Jul 07, 2008.

Back Cover - Lynx:
    Before Chip can join the Bit Busters computer club and hang out with the girl of his dreams, Melinda the Mental Marvel, he must solve all 144 challenging puzzles.

    Your bird's-eye view can help Chip rush through the puzzles and mazes before he's deleted by monsters, traps and the passage of time. Show Chip how to use blocks of soil to overcome water traps and cherry bombs, find keys, and pick up the computer chips which Chip needs to solve some puzzles.

    Can you help Chip win the cold heart of his one true love and become an official Bit Buster? If you can't, no one can!

    Contributed by Jeanne (76671) on Jul 31, 2003.

Back Cover - DOS:

    Chip's Challenge
    144 Levels of Puzzle-Solving Fun

    Strategy game players of all ages will love the puzzle-solving challenges facing Chip as he must conquer 144 game levels in order to join Melinda's exclusive computer club, the Bit Busters.

    Every level of Chip's Challenge represents a unique, timed, one-player puzzle. Solving a level invariably involves collecting microchips with available tools such as keys, magnets, shields and cleats. Doors, traps, monsters and other mischievous devices pose barriers, entice you into danger and complicate your progress. As each level is solved you are led into the next, slightly more difficult level.

    The first eight levels are puzzles that introduce you to the game's basic concepts. You find your way through mazes, collect keys to open doors, teleport from place to place, pick up tools, and use logic to conquer each puzzle.

    The levels get progressively more formidable. You must pay attention to subtle hiddle clues, learn how to evade many forms of disaster, and execute a complex series of actions.

    With 144 levels, even the most skilled strategy game players will be absorbed by Chip's Challenge for countless hours.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76671) on Jul 31, 2003.