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Gauntlet: The Third Encounter is one great game for fantasy roleplaying fans. You get it all: fast animation, great colours, neat sound... Working the controls is easy, with the view similar to the coin-op versions found in arcades. Varying the background patterns of the mazes keeps away the boredom, and colour coupled with moderately sized sprites minimizes the 'eye-squinting headache' factor that often plagues the Game Boy. You do have to get used to switching between the A/B buttons, so until you get your bearings, it's best to have some gold in the inventory window. That way you can only accidentally drop the pot in a moment of heated confusion, rather than invoking a potion or scroll best used elsewhere. About the only thing left to mention is that the game comes in a smaller box, with the cartridge itself now having a 'hook' which makes it easier to remove. Not that you're likely to be taking it back out this decade.
Gauntlet 3 is an awesome combination of a first person quest and arcade-style action game.
neXGam (1990)
Nunja, mit Gauntlet: The Third Encounter ist Atari nicht gerade ein großer Wurf gelungen, der einzig und allein bei mehreren Mitspielern etwas Charme entwickelt. Solo ist das Vergnügen aber eher zweifelhaft und dürfte den Großteil der Spieler nicht länger als 30 Minuten vor den Lynx locken, da einfach zu wenig Abwechslung geboten wird.
Power Play (Sep, 1990)
Leider kann der dritte Teil spielerisch nicht mit dem Arcade-Vorbild mithalten; die Levels sind oft recht ideenlos gestaltet und die verschiedenen Spiel-Charaktere verhalten sich nicht allzu unterschiedlich. Die Stimmung potenziert sich allerdings, je mehr Personen mitmachen. Kein Flop, aber nicht der erhoffte Sommer-Hit.
IGN (Jul 06, 1999)
This cartridge offers some good points and some bad points, coming to rest as an average game. Several more refinements would have been welcome, but as it is now, whether or not you should get Gauntlet: The Third Encounter depends on whether you can tolerate its weaknesses.
Defunct Games (Jul 17, 2005)
Just as the NES Metal Gear 2: Snakes Revenge has nothing to do with the MSX2 Metal Gear 2, Gauntlet III: Third Encounter has nothing to do with its counterpart on the PC. Once you get bored of the same repetitive action and finish off the game, you will quickly realize that this game has no replay value what so ever. A random monster generator or anything random exists in this game. Everything is the same as the first time you went through it, and will all ways be that way. RPG's before this have had the monster generator capabilities, so there is no excuse why this game is way to easy.
The Video Game Critic (Jan 17, 2005)
The problem with this game is your projectiles move too slow, and you're constantly being overwhelmed by hordes of creatures. Okay, you could probably say that about any Gauntlet, but here your firepower is simply no match. Fortunately, there are no "portals" to generate new monster (unlike previous Gauntlets). Blasting a monster causes it to shrink and disappear, and while it's a neat visual effect, it's not nearly as satisfying as blasting the thing to bits. Lacking the frantic shooting action the series is known for, this Gauntlet falls flat. Third Encounter does allow multiple Lynx systems to "link up" for cooperative action, but I suspect this is a rare occurrence.