S.T.U.N. Runner Screenshots (Lynx)

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Lynx version

Title screen
Intro explanation
Chooce a higher starting point for more risk -- and more reward
Intro - getting encased into your runner
Track/level description has much useful info, such as tips on how to play the track and general gameplay hints.
Hitting a boost pad greatly accelerates you and turns your runner transparent. You can't collide with obstacles at such a high speed.
More helpful information
Watch out for crazy mag cycles that slam you from behind
Some action takes place outside. Note Lynx hardware scaling of Armoured Drone (and everything else, actually)
Challenge Level: Crazy amounts of boost pads
Hitting successive boost pads while already boosted increments their point value
Stars and boost pads (shown here) aren't limited to the ground. Sometimes you have to circle the tube to get them all.
Sometimes shockwaves are located as bonuses on the tracks
Some tracks take place in outer space. Trippy...
Ramps let you catch mass air
The game is over if you don't get to the finish line within the time limit
Winners don't use drugs :-)