Toki (Lynx)

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Written by  :  FireHorsePrime (23)
Written on  :  Aug 29, 2013
Platform  :  Lynx
Rating  :  4.83 Stars4.83 Stars4.83 Stars4.83 Stars4.83 Stars
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Unique, colorful and challenging platformer.

The Good

TOKI was my favorite game for the Atari Lynx. It had the most colorful graphics of any game in my collection, and it was challenging without being too maddening, although I was tempted to throw my Atari Lynx across the room a few times. TOKI duplicates the arcade experience very well, despite the systems lack of parallax scrolling and low resolution, everything is here, plus what appears to be added sound effects and music, such as a sound sample of MIHO saying "SAVE ME!" on the continue screen. For a handheld version of this game I think it's the best.

The Bad

Slowdown during sprite heavy gameplay.

The Bottom Line

Faithful arcade port of a unique platformer.