Xenophobe Screenshots (Lynx)

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Lynx version

ROM initialization screen
A scene from the intro
Some of the original characters ported from the arcade game...
...and some of the new ones created for the Lynx version. Characters differ in appearance only.
Arriving at the first infested station
A computer readout helpfully reports your progress
Crawlers can attach themselves to you and drain your health until you jump to shake them off
Some stations put pressure on you to complete your task quickly (note impending impact)
Coming face to face with a snotterpiller without your gun is very, very bad
Leaving a base (cleared or not) shows you how you did
Arriving at a new station
The most advanced form of alien can zap you with electricity or throw rocks at you
Do NOT stand up next to tentacles coming from the ceiling
You can play the game until all characters are exhausted
An advanced alien throws rocks at you, which dislodges your gun. At the same time, a bomb manufacturing machine is going crazy. Get out of there!
If the situation is hopeless, you can issue a self-destruct
I haven't encountered anything living that large in the game... yet.
It pays to explore as much of the station as you can for valuable hardware