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Lynx version

Title screen
Selecting which stage to enter
Zaku wallops a group of fuse flies using her charged shot.
Business Fish means... business?
Dip hopes to fry Zaku with his energy blasts.
Zaku encounters one of the game's many large enemies.
Getting through Thunder Zone unscathed is more than a breeze.
Emp's explosive personality is a force to be reckoned with.
Marine Zone, pre-submersion
Zaku must keep Iremsha's "handy" robotic suit from being a smashing success.
Zaku splashes into Marine Zone.
The Penguin Bros. assemble to display their combined might.
The game's antagonists glare down from atop their humongous cubical base.
A surprise guest appearance by Plok, who previously starred in his own self-titled game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.