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NowGamer (Jun 21, 2004)
If all you want from your first-person shooter is mindless blasting, then this might not be quite your cup of tea, but if you want to immerse yourself in a world of international espionage and battle over the Net against (or even as) some of your favourite Bond villains, then 007: Nightfire is definitely worth a look.
Games4Mac (2004)
Trotz der bescheidenen Grafik und KI sollte bei Fans des Geheimagenten schnell der Funke überspringen. Alle anderen sollten sich den Kauf nochmals genau überlegen. Besonders die vielen Bugs im Spiel sind eine Frechheit, dies hätte Aspyr beim Betatesten bemerken sollen und noch vor dem Verkauf beheben sollen. Positiv zu erwähnen sind die schönen Filme und die stimmungsvolle Musik.
Inside Mac Games (IMG) (Aug 13, 2004)
From all the negative points that I've made so far, it may sound as though I consider this a poor game. In fact, that's not the case; in reality I thoroughly enjoyed it. Although certain parts of it got a bit tediously repetitive, on the whole I found it great fun.
JeuxMac.com (Jan, 2005)
James Bond Nightfire est un jeu sympathoche, surtout pour les fans, mais n'est pas un jeu parfait. Il aurait mérité plus de travail, pour être plus abouti, mais il vous fera toute de même passer de bons moments. Nous apprécions tout de même le portage de ce jeu sur Mac, bien que tardif.
Mac Gamer (Jul 05, 2004)
Overall, I found Nightfire's levels and plot were average. The basic run-around-and-shoot people mode was satisfactory and the 007 gadgets were fun. Except were security cameras are involved, there really were no adverse consequences if you lost your stealth. Other tactical shooters (like the Rainbow Six series) do a better job of delivering the tension and illusion of realism. Other shooters such as Unreal Tournament series deliver better multiplayer and gaming environments. And other games like Call of Duty employ superior A.I.
AppleLinks.Com (Jul 23, 2004)
It's kind of unfair to hold 007 Nightfire to the same standards that Goldeneye 64 established; after all, it is a different company with a different design team. However, Goldeneye 64 set down very clearly the kind of gameplay balances and designs that separate a Bond game from a typical first-person shooter, and Electronic Arts has done the unforgivable by ignoring what they should have learned from Goldeneye 64 and giving rise to a mediocre, boring first-person shooter that fails to live up to the Bond legacy. Furthermore, Aspyr's 1.0 release is so buggy that even the most desperate of Bond fans will most likely have trouble making it through Nightfire. No matter how you look at it, 007 Nightfire is a disappointing title that doesn't have the personality or design skill behind it to hang as a true Bond title, nor the solid gameplay, multiplayer, and polish to hack it as a regular first-person shooter.