9: The Last Resort Screenshots (Macintosh)

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Macintosh version

Entrance Salty saying something about you can't come in without..... - must use game code key to enter resort
In game menu features Isadora (think Zoltar machine)
The foyer
The Toxic Twins not a very nice pair
Salty and his flying plane
A view back to the foyer
Lots of clocks
The main room .... a lot of things going on in this room
Boiler not sure what it does
Tiki guard won't let me pass
Lots of stairs and ladders
Ahhh seems to be working now..... er uh still don't know what it does
The organ
Fortune teller that should help
Isadora's other job maybe.... but I need a coin...
Yes, Isadora save the game.... and don't call me a mouse pusher again!