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    The (rail) road to riches

    Cities all over the world are masses of idling, polluting, honking cars. We need mass transit - but local, state and national governments haven't been able to make it work. If you can create and operate a successful privately held mass transit operation, you'll do the world a service and reap huge financial rewards - but that's only the beginning...

    First, manage your railroad - transport passengers and freight, extend your lines, and develop the most efficient and profitable routes and schedules. Then, borrow from the bank, buy and develop land, expand your holdings into hotels, factories, resorts and department stores, play the stock market, and build a financial empire.

    • Six different scenarios present a variety of development styles and challenges.
    • Build high-rise offices, department stores, hotels, golf courses, amusement parks, stadiums, ski resorts, and more.
    • On-screen day/night cycles and seasonal changes mark the passage of time.
    • More than 20 advisors offer their expert opinions on how you should run your business.
    • No meddling government officials with their monopoly-busting anti-trust laws to get in your way.

      Contributed by xroox (3970) on Feb 04, 2000.