A-Train Credits

Macintosh conversion by The Dreamers Guild.

Programming ManagerJoe Pearce
ProgrammingRobert Wiggins
ArtworkDavid Joiner (Talin)
Music ArrangementMatt Nathan

...and batting for Maxis:

Project ManagerJim Siefert
Original Art ConversionJenny Martin, Susan Greene, Bonnie Borucki
Product ManagerJulia Hing
MusicBrad Madix, Russell Lieblich
Localization SupportKeiko Randolph
Lead TestingAlan Barton
Additional TestingChris Weiss, Manny Granillo (Motor), James Purple Hampton (Purple), Don Walters, Eli Mark (Preacher)
Tech SupportCarter Lipscomb, Donjah Horat, Kevin O'Hare, Peter Alau

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Credits for this game were contributed by Игги Друге (44977)