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On an unnamed planet the primordial races of Snoot and Gram have warred with each other since time immemorial, each vainly struggling against the other. The balance of power may soon shift, however. An alien ship has recently crashed in the Rusty Scale Desert, in Snoot territory, bearing endless technological possibilities. The Gram are unsure of the ship's specific location, and haven't the resources to take both the entire desert and it's accompanying military installation quickly enough to make off with the ship. Enter Chum, the Gram's finest spy.

Alien Conspiracy is a side-scrolling, third person shooter in which players takes the role of an alien spy, Chum. The player's primary goal from level to level is to make it to the other end of the screen, which then advances on to the next. Due to the limitations of the game's engine, movement is handled using a grid-based system, and as such players are capable of seeing bullets travel through the air in a "bullet time" like effect. Although a spy, Chum will have to favor firepower over stealth in carrying out his assignment, as sneaking around an enemy is essentially impossible in the second dimension. Players can employ a number of different weapons in order to fight through the Snoot's implacable infantry and TacOps soldiers, however, from a simple pistol to a pump handle missile launcher.

Playing as Chum the player must sneak into the military installation and steal the coordinates of the ship, thereafter crossing the desert and planting a plastic explosive in it's core. If the player succeeds the ensuing blast will wipe out every trace of the extraterrestrial technology and prevent the Snoot from gaining an advantage over the Gram.

There is no save system, nor is there an in-game score. The game includes resources and instructions for players to add their own custom levels, though it lacks a centralized level editor.


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Read Me

The Read Me enclosed with Alien Conspiracy has a "Coming Soon from Epic Banana" section near the end which mentions a number of games, two of which were never released. The first, Jetlag, is described as being "an engrossing B&W adventure game". It may technically be released someday, as it's listed as being released "sometime within this millenia (sic)". The other, The Undead Factor, gives far fewer details, but does mention that it was intended as a scenario for Spiderweb Software's Blades of Exile. This section also includes Alien Conspiracy itself with the brief comment "hey.... Wait a minute..."

References to the game

At the end of almost each of Epic Banana's Read Me files is a list of other games released by the group. Alien Conspiracy is mentioned in three of these:
  • A Day at Work, which describes it as, "My first game. Don't blame me if it's stupid! Well, I guess you should blame me."
  • Yogurt Commercial, which lists it as "A cocoa action game starring Chum the spy."
  • Walton's Rampage, created by the brother of AC's author, echoes A Day at Work's description by describing the game as "Ry's first game. Don't blame him if it's stupid!"

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