Asteroids (Macintosh)

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Asteroids Credits


PublisherActivision Inc.
Produced bySeth Gerson, Dominic Wood, Syrox Developments Ltd.
Lead DesignMichael Latham, Boat Drinks LLC, Seth Gerson
Associate ProducerBrian Clarke
DeveloperSyrox Developments Ltd.
Lead ProgrammerMark Gordon
Lead PC Conversion ProgrammersAlex Darby, Steve Pearce
ProgrammersPhong Ly, Tom Pinnock, Rob Brooks
White Dwarf EditorAlex Darby
Lead Level LayoutDerek Poon
Lead ArtistMark Knowles
ArtistsJon Green, Phil Williams, Colin Robinson, Matthew Bell, Steven Green
CutscenesSteven Green
Artistic ConsultationLarry Paolicelli
Design AssistanceScott Pease

Music and Sound Effects

Associate ProducerJay Halderman
Sound ProgrammerGary Jesdanun
Sound EffectsBill Black, Big Fat Kitty Productions
MusicDavid Logan, David Logan Music

Classic Asteroids Programming

LTIMichael Livesay, Jason L. Maynard, Daniel Zahn
Boss ProgrammingSandy Burusco


Senior VP of StudioAlan Gershenfeld
VP Console DivisionStephen Crane
Director of Console MarketingMark Metis
Product ManagerWill Kassoy
Marketing AssociateSerene Chan
Senior PublicistJulia Roether
DesignerErik Jensen
Creative DirectorRon Gould
Documentation ManagerMichael Rivera
Documentation WriterBelinda M. Van Sickle
Documentation LayoutSylvia Orzel

Activision Quality Assurance

Senior Project LeadMarilena Morini
Project LeadAaron Casillas
TestersDaniel Hagerty, Ronald Weibel, Bruce Campbell, Eric Koch, Edward Murphy, Chris Galvin, Darren Harper, Ilya Tchak, Robert Hamiter
Special Thanks ToMichael B. Schwartz, Brian Bright, Christopher Hepburn, Ken Ramirez, Mattt Stubbs, Jean Powell, David Silverman, George Rose, Thaine Lyman, James Thompson, Barry Plaga, Ralph Votrian, Scott Lahman, Murali Tegulapalle, David Stohl, Bryant Bustamante, Axel Wippich, Armelle Arriola, Trisha Reeder


Localization SupervisorNathalie Ranson, Cedric Saint-Julien
Int'l Publishing CoordinatorHeather Chandler
Creative ServicesLucy Morgan, Jackie Whale
UK Product ManagerMichele Marchand

Mac Version - For MacSoft

Product ManagerAl Schilling
Product CoordinatorNate Birkholz
Marketing ManagerCindy Swanson
PackagingChristopher J. Odegard

Mac Version - For Activision

LicensingDave Anderson
Mac Associate ProducerKen Love
Mac Project CoordinatorPaul Stainthorpe
Mac Lead TesterHector Guerrero

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (155008)