Avernum V Credits (Macintosh)

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Avernum V Credits

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ConceptJeff Vogel
DesignJeff Vogel
ProgrammingJeff Vogel
Terrain Icon DesignAndrew Hunter
Splash ScreenBen Resnick
Character Icon DesignLinda Strout
Office ManagerLinda Strout
EditorLinda Strout
Business ManagerMariann Krizsan
Design AssistantMariann Krizsan
Macintosh Beta TestersDavid Abramson, Ayjona, S. Bajracharya, Chris Bergsten, Joe Bolten, Sabrina Bowers, Ray Cwalina, Benjamin Fields, K. E. Fitzner, Douglas Frederick (Synergy), David Gloss, MD, Andrew R. Hartung, Daniel Helman, istara, Adam Kay, Gino Ledesma, Scott Mercer, Deanna Moore, Mark Nieman, Karl Seamon, John Simon, Edwin Thomson (Khoth), Jon Trainer, Delicious Vlish, Evan Williams, Ted Woodward
ProofreadingElizabeth Marshall
Introduction MusicAdam Skorupa
Title Screen Cave PhotoBrian Palmer

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Credits for this game were contributed by Trond Berntsen (1831)