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1UP (Jul 05, 2011)
Unfortunately, none of that creativity is on display in Back to the Future: The Game; Telltale doesn't get more ambitious than your standard dialogue and inventory puzzles (something they were really moving beyond in Sam and Max Season 3), and once you're in a time period, you're stuck there until the story deems you ready to move on. The game also contains brain dead puzzles that require you to click every item on the screen, select the correct dialogue option, or do the polygon equivalent of "pixel-hunting" for small objects -- all ideas that Telltale should have left behind by this point. It's unclear whether these choices were made for the sake of a more casual audience, or to ensure that the actual game didn't interfere too much with the story they were trying to tell, but it's still disappointing to see Telltale's lack of ambition in an area they've steadily been improving upon.
Altogether, Back to the Future: The Game is a delightful gem for fans of the original trilogy who have wanted a sequel for years. For others who are simply looking for a solid adventure game, or aren't familiar with the movies, they may find more enjoyment from some of Telltale's other offerings.
Inside Mac Games (IMG) (Jan 31, 2012)
This is a really well done and fun game. If you are looking for Myst like complexity, you won’t find it here, but if you are looking for a fun adventure with some laughs and an entertaining story you won’t go wrong giving this game a try! It is well worth the price of $25. I highly recommend this game for it’s entertainment value.