Battlestations: Pacific Screenshots (Macintosh)

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Macintosh version

Main menu
US Campaign
Flying F4F Wildcat fighter destroyed inbound Kate
In game paused menu
Flying F4U Corsair battleship CAP mission
Kingfisher hunting enemy subs - torpedo launch trails below
Kingfisher hunting enemy subs - dropping depth charges on sub below
Cutscene - Japanese Ohka rocket planes
F4U Corsair intercepting Ohka carriers
F4U Corsair surface PT boats
Mission stats scoring
1st Battle of Guadalcanal - ship battle
Select different ships in formation as night falls
Binocular view - Light cruiser USS Atlanta spots the enemy first
Light cruiser USS Atlanta opens up on Yudachi targeting fuel storage
USS Atlanta engaged with intermingling ships and battle chaos
USS San Francisco heavy cruiser slugging it out
IJN Hiei going down
USS Atlanta hits the magazine of the IJN Mogami heavy cruiser
SBD Dauntless lines up for a torpedo run on transport
B-17 Flying Fortress bombing attack on Iwo Jima
J1N1 Gekko fighters destroying bombers
B-17's are dropping without US fighter escort protection
B-17 Flying Fortress bombing Iwo Jima is rescued by a flight of lethal F6F Hellcats
F6F Hellcats clear the last enemy planes as the bombers get ready to bomb Iwo Jima below
Cutscene B-17's bombing Iwo Jima
US Nose Art
Skirmish mode - rough seas and limited visibility
USS Duncan destroyer torpedo hits - bonus Eagle Eye Badge
Allied Unit Identification