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Advertising Blurbs

in-game Shareware reminder:

    Get Betty's Beer Bar today for only $19.95!

    The FULL version includes...
  • Over 50 fun and unique characters
  • NEW locations all around the world
  • Unlimited play and NEW Free Play mode
  • Online high score table
  • COMPLETE Story Mode with cartoon cutscenes
  • Instant Download and 60 day money back guarantee!

    Contributed by Xoleras (66841) on Jan 31, 2005.
    Help sexy barwoman Betty to make a career from her first work to buying her own island in the Caribbean! You will have to serve over fifty of the most funny and wacky characters at four different bars all over the world. This world is rendered in a beautiful, drawn-by-hand, cartoon-like manner. Enjoy this non-violent bartender action game!

    Meet Betty, a pretty girl that works at a disgusting bar in a small provincial town, where the most wacky and funny characters do nothing but drinking beer. However, Betty’s dream is to have her own bar on a tropical beach. Help her to earn the wherewithal by working in different bars so she can achieve her dreams!

    Betty's Beer Bar is a gripping and addictive game. Your task is to serve the customers as quickly as possible - make them happy and they will give you a vast tip. Serve them coffee when they are about to get drunk. They should stay awake as long as possible. Remember that drunken customers pay rarely!

    With her swiftness and sharp mind, Betty will earn enough money to leave this odious workplace and to start progressing towards her own bar in the Caribbean!

    Betty's Beer Bar features four unique scenarios and over fifty original and funny animated characters in a beautiful hand-drawn, cartoon manner. It also includes different soundtracks, which will fully immerse you in this cartoon world.

    You can choose your own level of difficulty to keep the game absorbing at any time. It also includes an in-game tutorial so you will master the game in no time at all! You can also play in different modes, including Free Play, Time Challenge and Story Mode, completed with inter-level scenes. And if you feel like competing, post your score at our online scoreboard.


    • Over 50 fun characters
    • Four beautiful scenarios
    • Full in-game tutorial
    • Three levels of difficulty (easy, medium and hard)
    • Three different play modes (Story Mode, Time Challenge, and Free Play)
    • Online High Score table
    • Over twenty cartoons recounting Betty's story

    Contributed by Xoleras (66841) on Jan 31, 2005.