BioShock Infinite Screenshots (Macintosh)

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Macintosh version

Main menu
Arriving on lighthouse island
Ascension....... Hallelujah!
Welcome center your pathway to Columbia
First game that has ever asked me this question
Welcome to Columbia
The False Shepherd .... hmmmm
Your first Vigor - a free sample eh? That's how they get you!
Head or Tails... the mysterious Lutece twins
The city all decorated for the fair and raffle
Number 77 for the fair raffle...could be your lucky number
The Fireman - Devil's Kiss vigor
Your first jump careful it’s a ......
Destroying the gun turret
Picking up another Voxophone
A flock of birds enemy The Crow - Murder of Crows vigor
Making a jump with the skyhook
Bring us the girl, and wipe away the debt - and here she is Elizabeth
Are you real?
The Songbird sinking fast
The many faces of Elizabeth
The girl has got skills.... but lock picking? hmmm
Excuse me! Mother puss bucket...damn it! I just wanted some tickets!
The city day or night is absolutely stunning!
Elizabeth opens a random tear that turns dangerous with the Songbirds appearance
Sniper rifle boom off with his head!
Boom goes the Fireman from a rocket shot
Elizabeth opening tears of objects for you to select
Firinig the crank gun from a destroyed mechanized patriot
Found slate for the Shock Jockey vigor - spare him or kill him?
A little Shock Jockey vigor and shotgun are a good combo
The Vox resistance
Uh oh someones in trouble....
Fink celebrates your recent small victory of killing everything in the room
The mysterious Lutece twins appearing in a tear
Fighting with the Vox resistance to open Fink's factory gate but need to neutralize the rocket zeppelin
Using the skyhook to board the rocket zeppelin