Black & White (Macintosh)

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Black & White Credits

Black & White Designed and Created by Lionhead Studios Ltd.

ProgrammingPeter Molyneux, Mark Webley, Jonty Barnes, Giles Jermy, Jeremy Chatelaine, Oliver Purkiss, Thomas Barnet-Lamb, Jason Hutchens
3D ProgrammingJean-Claude Cottier, Alex Evans, Scawen Roberts
Artificial IntelligenceRichard Evans
ArtPaul McLaughlin, Mark Healey, Andy Bass, Christian Bravery
AnimationEric Bailey
Script & DialogueJames Leach
Sound Effects, Music Composition & ArrangementRussell Shaw
Musician Coordinator/Lead InstrumentalistSteafan Hannigan
Scenario & Level DesignJamie Durrant, Paul Nettleton, Ken Malcolm
Gameplay & TestingAndy Robson, Nathan Smethurst, Steven Lawrie, Joe Borthwick, Aaron Ludlow, Jeffrey Brutus
Internet Programming, Library & ToolsTim Rance, Daniel Deptford, Georg Backer
InstrumentalistsStuart Hall, Melissa Holding, Donald Quan, Saskia Tomkins, Ray Hickie, Ron Korb
PRCathy Campos
Lionhead StudiosSteve Jackson, Peter Hawley, Janice Nussey, Claire Hedley, Catherine Tutton
Voice CharacterizationMark Silk, Shelley Blond, Hugo Myatt
Additional ArtJonathan Farmer, Ben Irwin
Special Thanks ToBrian Trewin (at QSound), Creative Labs, Rhubarb, Bill Lusty, Claudia Stevens, Toneworx GmbH, NVidia Corporation, Prima Games UK , Alex Klimovitski (and Intel Corporation), GameSpy Industries, Immersion Corporation , Nick Copus, Nick Thomas, Donald A. Mattrick, Danny Bilson, Jeff Roberts, RAD Game Tools Inc.
Thanks toeveryone who contributed to Black & White
Snapshot software courtesy ofthe Independent JPEG Group
Vocal samples courtesy ofSpectrasonics Symphony of Voices CD-ROM collection
Asian samples courtesy ofSpectrasonics Heart of Asia

Macintosh Version

Published for the Macintosh byFeral Interactive Ltd.
Macintosh Development byZonic Ltd.
Additional Translations byOliver Buchmann, Mathias Fleury, Björn Håkansson, Enrico Querci, Sjoerd-Wiemer Sjoerdsma, David Losada Soler
Macintosh TestingToby Allen, Oliver Buchmann, Andy Bull, Daniel Bullock, Jake Bullock, Sam Deane, Tom Dowdy, Fiona, Mathias Fleury, Jonathan Hogg, Kris Popat, Ylies Ryu, Nick Shanks, Sjoerd Wiemer-Sjoerdsma, Joseph Strout, James Thomson, Chris Wood
Special thanks toChris Bentley, Sam Deane, Garry Edwards, Lisa Howe, Richard Huddy, Alison Macke, Murray Pannell, Howard Roberts, Andy Robson

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