Related Web Sites

  • Black & White (Official website)
  • Official Game Site (The Official Site for Black & White, which includes links to other fan web sites and the ability to register to play online.)
  • Official Webpage (Mac) (The official product page for the Mac version of Black & White on the publisher's website, which provides a profile of the game, a rundown of its features, an overview of the game's creatures, and purchasing information, among other such things.)
  • Official WinAmp Plug-In (A little before the release of the game, Lionhead made a visualization plug-in for WinAmp. It uses the game's graphic engine to show the bear dancing along with your music. The day passes to night and disco lights will also appear in the display.)
  • Planet Black & White (A fan page that is updated at least daily with new stuff, including 'bonus' creatures and other downloads.)
  • The Final Hours of Black & White (GameSpot covered the wrap-up production of Black & White in this lengthy article in their "Behind the Games" series.)

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