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Games4Mac (2001)
Eigentlich können Worte gar nicht beschreiben wie dieses Spiel ist. Man muss es selbst erlebt haben um sich dessen bewusst zu werden was man wirklich sagen könnte... selbst wenn man es dann gespielt hat, kann man nicht viel dazu sagen. Bleiben wir bei unserem 360 Grad-Epos welches einzigartig ist (zumindest bis der zweite Teil raus kommt welcher wohl noch grossartiger sein wird als der momentane schon ist). Um meiner Freude über diesen überaus gelungenen Spielspass nun doch ein paar Worte zu verleihen damit ihr noch einen Vorgeschmack mehr habt: „harmonisierend, klug, witzig, inspirierend, gigantisch und um 360 Grad drehbar“!
Mac Gamer (Feb 12, 2002)
Regardless of what you read below, there's one point which about Black and White which should come through loud and clear: This game is complex. So complex, in fact, that a reviewer could write 10,000 words and still not cover all there is to know in sufficient detail. Alas, this has been my lot in reviewing Black and White... there's just no way to cover everything the game can offer in a single report, so be aware that in spite of all there is to say about Black and White in this review, there are still numerous features and ingredients that are left to be discovered. My frustration with being thorough did teach me one thing about Black and White, however: It's as deep as you want to dive.
Inside Mac Games (IMG) (Jan 21, 2002)
I routinely lost track of the time while playing Black & White. "Just one more minute" usually turned into hours. The Black & White web site boasts, "Playing Black & White will be like taking a huge personality test. The results will reflect the sort of games player you actually are." I believe it. Completely submerged in the experience more than once, I gained an attachment to the my creature and my villagers that I couldn't really explain beyond claiming that I have a basic capacity to be concerned for my fellow being.
macHOME (2002)
With or without contrived objectives, Black & White gets repetitive. Playing with your creature and watching it make its own choices is interesting (and the best part of the game), but it has limits. If you like people-simulations, you’ll last longer than a gamer who’s just curious about the wild premise of the game. Black & White is so unique, however, that it’s worth playing even if the novelty fades.
80 (Jun, 2002)
Sorti en Mai 2001 en France pour PC, Black & White est un jeu signé Peter Molyneux (à qui l’on doit déjà Populous, Theme Park, ou encore l’ancien Syndicate), Le but : conquérir des villages, faire des miracles, élever une créature divine… Divine ? en effet, dans le jeu, vous incarnez un Dieu, ce qui vous permet donc de faire un peu tout ce que vous voulez… Par exemple, il est possible de planter-arracher des arbres, jeter des rochers, attraper des personnes et pourquoi pas les jeter pour s’amuser ?
AppleLinks.Com (Apr 24, 2002)
Survivor was a very boring game with absolutely no control over anything. What I didn't realize was that it is possible to create a game where you have control over every aspect, and have it be just as screamingly frustrating. That game is Black and White.