Capitalism (Macintosh)

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Mac Gamer
This game is amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in business or economics, but I reccomend a healthy dose of patience. Playing Capitalism can be a slow process, but it feels great when you crush your rivals and absorb their market share. Contrary to what the packaging indicates, I do not believe this is a game for "all ages". Children will likely find it rather dull and, unless they are far brighter then I was as a youth, incomprehensible. However, I without reservation say this is the most impressive simulation game I've played.
Capitalism is as realistic as simulation games get, and although certain aspects of the business world are left out--such as issuing preferred stock--these omissions help keep the game from becoming even more complicated than it already is. If you have a family or social life you treasure, you'll want to set a time limit for your games. If you don't, your priorities may shift. Inside all of us there's a little monster that always wants more. This game feeds that monster.
Capitalism could also be called "MBA in a box." It's an incredibly thorough educational simulation of running a modern mega-corporation, yet it manages to be easy to play and quite fun.
High Score
Capitalism är en direkt översättning från PC-versionen och dras därmed med dess trötta och gamla grafik. Spelet känns inte fräscht och "musiken" kan göra vem som helst galen. Värre har sällan hörts. Capitalism får enbart godkänt för den kvalificerade simulatorn och för att spelmakarna verkligen gjort det de skulle.
Mac Game Gate
The game, as it is, is a disaster, a frustrating, time-consuming game that leaves me disappointed. The only reason that I give it as much as a 2 out of 5 is that it has so many qualities that could have made it so good. Alas, it isn't. Done right, it would have been a sure 5 out of 5. The poor user interface removes two of them. The too long scenarios and general slowness removes yet another. Now, don't get me wrong: I don't dislike economy games. On the contrary. I would very much like to play a good game similar to Capitalism, but Capitalism just didn't cut it.