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Techtite (2000)
If anyone owned a Macintosh in the late '80s, they most likely played Dark Castle...and loved every minute of it. This game might have been in black and white only --not unlike the majority of Macs of the era-- and yet its pixel resolution was years ahead of the lower-res CGA and EGA that PC games were stuck with at the time. Sound was equally superior, years before Sound Blasters became the norm on PCs. This was the golden age of Macintosh, and this was one of the programs to make it so. Level by level, animation and sound made for an entertainment experience years ahead of its time; a very worthy candidate for Techtite's personally made list, of Top 50 Multimedia Classics.
Tilt (Apr, 1987)
Dark Castle est un jeu complet, superbement réalisé. Le personnage courant dans les dédales de couloirs ou se suspendant à une corde est surprenant de réalisme. Le son est très réussi. Le jeu se contrôle uniquement au clavier. Il est facilement jouable avec quelques touches, et seul le lancer de pierres peut paraître un peu ardu. Mais n'ayez crainte, il existe d'autres armes !
Mac Gamer (1996)
Tired of the new games that require too much RAM or processing power for your Mac? Want to play a game that can take years off your life? Try this 10-year-old, Mac-only game called Dark Castle. Although it lacks the flare of today's super-duper shootem-ups, it still provides wholesome game play with a spark of humor without the gore and realistic violence of today's arcade games.