Destination: Treasure Island Credits (Macintosh)

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Destination: Treasure Island Credits


Macintosh Edition published byColadia
Executive PublishingNobilis Publishing
Developed byKheops Studio

Coladia Team

Coladia, CEOFrédéric Aloé
Macintosh Programming TeamWilfried De Kerchove De Denterghem, Frédéric Aloé
Quality AssuranceGuillaume Boiret

Nobilis Publishing Team

Managing DirectorArnaud Blacher
Production ManagerSébastien Brison
Publishing Senior Product ManagerChristine Pestel
Test CoordinatorNicolas Danière
Operation ManagerRégine Ribot
Publishing Junior Product ManagerAudrey Settelen
Assistant ProducerNicolas Muller

Kheops Studio Team

Managing DirectorBenoît Hozjan
Executive ProducerBenoît Hozjan
Technical DirectorStéphane Petit
Lead Game DesignerAlexia Lang
Artistic DirectionFranck Letiec
Lead ProgrammerWilfried Hinault
ProgrammingStéphane Petit, Frédéric Jaume


DesignsFrédérick Pinasseau, Nicolas Hess, Christophe Ha
ComicsNicolas Hess
StoryboardsNicolas Hess
CharactersNicolas Hess
Additional GraphicsThibaut Romero
Quality AssuranceEtienne Gry

Casting and Recordings

French DirectionJean-Baptiste Merland (Recorded at Studio Bande Annonce)
Production byFrançois Dussolier

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Credits for this game were contributed by Zeppin (8426)