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    A dread darkness is descending upon a great land, a powerful and malevolent race of monsters that has slipped through a hole in the dimensions. And one unlikely young hero must take up arms in the struggle to protect his besieged world...

    -High-resolution graphics, 3D modeled characters and 3D rendered landscapes
    -Unique story and character interaction (sometimes humorous and sometimes very sad)
    -Unlimited replayability with DinkEdit that let's you create your own adventures
    -Real-time engine allows for action that let's you DO stuff instead of just read about it- run, walk, turn, fight, push, and use objects or magic with a smooth and fluid motion
    -Download new Dink adventures FREE OF CHARGE from the internet (future add-ons will include new spells, weapons, and items as well as entirely new graphics and sounds.)

    Contributed by Ryan Prendiville (703) on Jul 13, 2000.