Dogz: Your Computer Pet Credits (Macintosh)

Dogz: Your Computer Pet Macintosh After the installation, and if there is no puppy to adopt, the player is greeted to an adoption kit where the player can go to the play area or take the "Pup Quiz".


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Dogz: Your Computer Pet Credits


Created byAdam Frank, Ben Resner

Macintosh Team

Lead ProgrammerAndre Burgoyne
ProducerJonathan Shambroom
Assistant ProducerJoan Howard
Testing ManagerLaurie Sirois
Screen Saver INITJoseph McConnell
InstallerBill Goodman
Adoption Kit InstallerKeith Nemitz


Macintosh TestingAmber-Leigh Junier, Darren Koepp, Ginger Robinson, Kurt Tindle
Conceptual DesignBrooke Boynton, Rob Fulop, Andrew Mayer
InspirationRob Fulop, Michael Schrage
Senior ProducerTed Barnett
Assistant ProducerAndrew Stern
Lead ProgrammerBen Resner
ProgrammerDan Michaeloff
Lead AnimatorAdam Frank
AnimatonJeremy Cantor
Assistant AnimatorsDiane Duffey, Kyle Kirby, Scott Jenkins, Brenda Ross
Brian DesignAndrew Mayer
Original Adoption Kit DevelopmentTony Rojko, Andrew Stern
Dogz VoicesLeslie Hedger
Sound FXGary Levenberg
Sound DesignAndrew Stern
ArtCorey Okada, Dan Lopez
Product Marketing ManagerBrooke Boynton
Original TestingMatt Ford, Chris Nguyen, Mike Palser, Cliff Willis, Scott Wilson
Copy WriterAlicia Wing
Special ThanksJennifer Akfirat, Travis Boatman, David Feldman, Johanna Neaderhouser, John Scull, Midnight Renoir

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (191331)