DOOM³ Screenshots (Macintosh)

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Macintosh version

Main menu
Intro on dropship headed to Mars
Walked off dropship - game start
Security Checkpoint - Being scanned before entry into the complex
Departure Lounge
Dr. Betruger head of research UAC's Mars Base
Marine with Sentry Bot
Sergeant Kelly
Common Area - Video game Super Turbo Turkey Puncher - notice the doom character and doom background of game
Accessing your PDA files
Mars City Underground - loading
Entering the Underground
Many NPC's populate the underground
Underground - some areas require only your flashlight to find your way
Martian surface between airlocks
Dr. Jonathan Ishii after the explosion turns him into a zombie - I had to put the Doc down for good.
Now zombies are everywhere in the darkness
Found a med kit in the pitch blackness
Now we're talking got the pump Shotgun for close encounters
Holy mother.... an Imp! Crawling out of the pipes
Meet pump shotgun ..... Imp is down....
Reloading the shotgun as fast as possible
Mars City - loading
Being attacked
Flaming Zombies
Following a Sentry Bot with machine gun at the ready