Emerald City Confidential Credits

Wadjet Eye Games

Original Game DesignDavid L. Gilbert
Software EngineeringDaniel Filner, Andrew Goulding
Character AnimationWyatt Miles, Matt Gardner
Background PaintingJohn Green
Inventory/Magic ArtErin Robinson
MusicThomas Regin
DialogDavid L. Gilbert
Dialog EngineerJason Kanter (uncredited)
Dialog EditorsJason Kanter (uncredited), Gina Zdanowicz (uncredited)
GUI ArtLuminous Arts
Sound EffectsSomaTone Interactive Audio
Voice OverSomaTone Interactive Audio, Mako Games
Voice Over CastAbe Goldfarb, Shelly Smith, Nonie Craige, David L. Gilbert, Dara Seiztman, Daryl Lathon, SomaTone Interactive Audio
Beta TestersDylan Downing, Francisco Gonzalez, Ryan Keepence, Janet Gilbert, Edmundo Ruiz, Shane Stevens, Andrew MacCormack, Amber Loe, Connie Straughan, Geoff Hawthorne, Chris Femo
Special ThanksSara Gilbert, Eric Gilbert, Janet Gilbert, Solveig Zarubin, Brandon Van Slyke, Julia Keren-Detar, Sande Chen, Bill Folsom, Abe Goldfarb, Rebecca Whittaker, Shane Stevens, Bridey Goulding, Marina Petrashko, Ilia Chentsov, New York City IGDA, Whoever invented coffee, The AGS Community, Lyman Frank Baum (For starting it all)

PlayFirst, Inc.

VP, Creative DirectorKenny Shea Dinkin
Sr. Director, Executive ProducerCraig R. Bocks
Sr. ProducerMichael Murguia
Game Design ManagerMichael McCormick
Contributing DesignersAlexei Othenin-Girard, Dana Nelson
Art DirectorNicholas Stern
Contributing EngineersTim Mensch, Peter Grandmaison
Lead SDK/Playground EngineerTim Mensch
SDK/Playground EngineersDavid Parks, Brad Edelman, Jim Brooks
Quality Assurance ManagerChristopher Dunn
Quality Assurance LeadCesar Lemus
QA Project LeadAdam Gourdin, Adrian Guerrero
Quality AssuranceVictor Kunkel, Guy Romhild, Brian DeGraf, Ryan Medina, Peter Sodbinow
MarketingAnne Marie Edwards
Special ThanksMaria Waters, Angel Inokon, Aaron Norstad, Jared Brinkley, Hung Chang, Bernt Habermeier, Sean Denny, Amy Jeschke

Other Games

In addition to this game, the following people are listed as working on other games. No more than 25 people are listed here, even if there are more than 25 people who have also worked on other games.

Daniel Filner, 71 other games
Tim Mensch, 65 other games
Kenny Shea Dinkin, 62 other games
Brad Edelman, 61 other games
Jim Brooks, 61 other games
Nicholas Stern, 55 other games
David L. Gilbert, 50 other games
Francisco Gonzalez, 44 other games
Peter Sodbinow, 34 other games
Christopher Dunn, 34 other games
Craig R. Bocks, 33 other games
Michael McCormick, 32 other games
Edmundo Ruiz, 29 other games
Sean Denny, 27 other games
Cesar Lemus, 26 other games
Adam Gourdin, 25 other games
Jared Brinkley, 25 other games
Guy Romhild, 24 other games
Ryan Medina, 24 other games
Victor Kunkel, 23 other games
Brian DeGraf, 23 other games
Adrian Guerrero, 22 other games
Dylan Downing, 22 other games
Hung Chang, 22 other games
Andrew MacCormack, 22 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69604) and Zeppin (8432)