Fallout 2 Credits


Lead ProgrammerJesse Reynolds
ProgrammersChris Jones, Nick Kesting, Robert Hertenstein, Thomas French, Chris Holland, Dan Spitzley
Additional Programming ByTimothy Cain, John Price
Movie TechnologyPaul Allen Edelstein
Installer/AutoplayDarren L. Monahan


Art DirectorGary Platner, Scott Rodenhizer
ArtistsRobert Collier, Tramell Ray Isaac, Jeff McAteer, Brian Menze
HeadsScott Rodenhizer
Additional Art ByAaron Brown, Peter Kroko, Michael McCarthy, Chad Moore, Eddie Rainwater
Intern ArtistsCharles M. Gregory, Daniel Jacobs, John Jacobs, Karel Jacobs, Christopher Jones, Benc Orpak, Adoni Torres
Original Game Artwork ByLeonard Boyarsky, Michael Dean, Sharon Shellman, Paul Hormis, Jason D. Anderson


Lead DesignersFeargus Urquhart, Matthew J. Norton
DesignersJason G. Suinn, John Deiley, Chris Avellone, Zeb Cooke, David Hendee, Colin McComb
Technical DesignerScott Everts
Level DesignersJohn Deiley, Scott Everts, Jason G. Suinn
Additional Design ByRobert Hertenstein, Nick Kesting, Fred Hatch
Design / DialogueMark O'Green
SPECIAL Game System Design ByTimothy Cain, Jesse Heinig, Feargus Urquhart, Christopher Taylor
Original Game Design ByTimothy Cain, Leonard Boyarsky, Jason Taylor, Jason D. Anderson, R. Scott Campbell


Division DirectorFeargus Urquhart
ProducersEric DeMilt, Feargus Urquhart
Assistant ProducerFred Hatch
Asst. Division DirectorJeremy S. Barnes
Production AssistantJason G. Suinn

Quality Assurance

Director of Quality AssuranceChad Allison
Assistant Director of QAColin Totman
Project SupervisorsGreg Baumeister, Steve McLafferty, Darrell Jones
Senior TestersDennis Presnell, Chad Nicholas, Edward Hyland
TestersDanny Martinez, William Saunders, Rodney Smith, Tony Piccoli, David Maldonado, Daniel Levin, Eric Pribish, Scott Warner, Derek Johnson, Timothy Anderson, Primo Adriano Pulanco, Jeremy Ray, Jeremy Seely, Scot Humphreys
Senior I.S. TechnicianBill Delk
I.S. TechnicianThomas Quast
Director of Compatibility & Information ServicesFrank Pimentel
QA Database AdministratorSteve Cabiness
Compatibility TechniciansDerek Gibbs, Jonathan Darke, Eduardo Robles, Louie Iturzaeta


Audio DirectorCharles Deenen
Audio MasteringCraig Duman
Background TV MusicRonald Valdez
Cinematics Re‑recording MixerDave West
Cinematics SoundeffectsWest Productions
Foley ArtistsDoug Turner, Gary Murello, Larry Peacock
Foley EditorCaron Weidner
Foley MixerDebby Ruby
Foley Mixer / ArtistCecilia Perna
Foley Recorded atWest Productions
Foley SupervisionCharles Deenen, Larry Peacock
FX EditorMichael Dickeson
Music ByMark Morgan (for Four Bars Entertainment)
Intro Re‑Recording MixerCharles Deenen
Music SupervisorBrian Luzietti
Sound FX LibrariansDouglas Rappaport, Sergio A. Bustamante II, Ronald Valdez
Sound FX DesignCharles Deenen, Gregory R. Allen, Larry Peacock, EFX, Weddington, Caron Weidner
Voice EditorsDouglas Rappaport, Sergio A. Bustamante II
Voice Recording EngineerPaul Hurtubise
Voice SupervisorChris Borders
Voice Talent CoordinationJulie Morgavi
Voice Dialogue Recorded AtHollywood Recording Services - Hollywood CA
Voice DirectionJamie Thomason


Director of MarketingPaul Sackman
Marketing ManagersMike Markin, Greg Peterson
Associate Marketing ManagerGreg Bauman
PR ManagerKrys Card
Traffic ManagerTom Donner, Paul Naftalis


Dave H. thanksThe Unwashed Villagers, the Dyer Family, Jamba Juice, The Tick, South Park
Chris A. thanksEileen Suh, Mah and Pa Avellone
t.ray thanksmy mother, my father, my son and my brother and to all of my adoring fans for buying this game.
Rob H. thanksBecky Warner, Billie Ryder
Jesse R. thanks''To Dad, you were an inspiration all my life. I miss you always.''
Special thanks toThe members of the Fallout and Fallout 2 message boards., Thanks for your comments, suggestions, and other esoteria!
Fallout 2 was brought to you byInterplay Productions, Team Fallout 2, the letter Q.
Recipes byChris Parmelee

Current Macplay Staff

PresidentMark Cottam
Managing DirectorRon Dimant
Technical DirectorMark Dochtermann
Technical Project ManagerRobert Minnis
Creative DirectorJoshua Smith
Director of Sales and MarketingHenry Price
InstallerJoel Braby
Quality Assurance LeadDaniel Naruta
Special ThanksSusan Carver (Manual Proofing)
TestersNick Alex, Ashton Anderson, Paul Avers, Steven Clark, Dominic Dagradi, Kevin Goetz, Brad Lees, Ralph Miranda, Matt Molloy, Chadd Nervig, Jared Norris, Andrew J. Paulsen, Melanie Pearson, Jimmy Potter, Rachel Ragatz, Steven Richason, Joe Ruszkiewicz, Chuck Sievert, Andrew Vallance, Lulio Vargas

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Credits for this game were contributed by Foxhack (16383)