Related Web Sites

  • Duck and Cover (One of the most well-known Fallout fan sites.)
  • Fallout 2 Mods (A listing of mods for Fallout 2. Includes a very useful fix by an independent which boosts the random encounters in the game to make them compatible with today's faster CPUs.)
  • Fallout 2: Survivor MOD homepage (MOD for Fallout 2 focusing on weapons in the game plus various general bug fixes.)
  • Fallout Wastelands - The Vault Dweller's Survival Guide (Good source of files, information, Walkthroughs and even news(!) about Fallout series and Fallout 3.)
  • No Mutants Allowed (Another good source of files, information, Walkthroughs and news. Special attention to PipBoy2000 Section (open new window with lots of editors and tweakers) and Humor Section (really funny things about Fallout 1))
  • Post-Nuclear Survival on Mac OS X (An Apple Games article about the Mac version of Fallout 2 (September, 2002).)
  • The Vault (Wiki based encyclopedia about all things Fallout. )
  • Wasteland Merc MOD homepage (A MOD replacing the original Fallout 2 campaign with a mercenary-themed scenario.)

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