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The Glamour of Galapagos also is spectacular. Graphics are superb and sound is every where. No soundtrack though. Still any Audio CD can be played while running the game (Beck seems to fit it fine). And the best thing: no FMV sequences! Like all good games now-a-days video is old, it takes away from the game. But like any good game Galapagos displays an intro, but its run by the same engine as the game! It just keeps getting better and better! Conclusion: Galapagos has everything that great game needs. Most importantly its addictive. Like Tetris or Myst(two of my most favorite) it makes you want to come back for more. Great graphics, superb sound , a plot that actually works, and character gives this game the best rating. Galapagos will has already a new standard in gaming.
Those souls brave enough to try it will find that GALAPAGOS is a lovely and innovative game. It made good use of my Intense 3D Voodoo Rush card, with scrolling textures and nifty fog effects. And while I'll admit that GALAPAGOS frequently made me scream out loud in frustration, I also found the game so addictive that I couldn't stop playing it.
Mac Addict (Mar, 1998)
We're disappointed Galapagos does not provide enough carrots to make us want to keep playing. We think the artificial life and complexity theory driving Mendel are the destiny of computer intelligence and look forward to seeing them used again. Perhaps in a more free-form world, watching Mendel in action would be more enjoyable. On the other hand, this game editor-stumping puzzleland will be challenging to even the smartest of gamers.
MacNN (1998)
Futurists may predict computers with personalities that could even carry on a conversation, but this is realistically decades away if it ever occurs and NERM barely represents the first step in this direction. Despite its break-through technology, Galapagos lacks the fun factor that invariably determines the success of a game. It is a slow, complex, frustrating game that will leave you begging for real life - even if you can't watch a bug evolve before your very own eyes.