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What could have been a disaster at the hands of Neversoft turned out to be an amazing follow-up. Neversoft went above and beyond to make sure that Guitar Hero III played as good, if not better, than its Harmonix predecessors. Now, for Guitar Hero IV, how about adding some tracks from Steve Vai or Joe Satriani?
Mac Observer (Mar 24, 2009)
Guitar Hero III is a marquee title and for good reason. A combination of well-detailed textures and models with cell-shaded elements makes the game visually appealing while the sound work is second to none. Even through your Mac's basic speaker, the quality is there and the game's music catalog is as enjoyable as one could hope for. For players wrestling to master a song, you like what you're hearing and it's fun to head into a stage with a completely unknown song and enjoy the experience nonetheless.
NowGamer (Nov 13, 2007)
The graphics and interface when you’re playing will take a little getting used to, but some decent extra touches, like rocking the guitar up and down to get extra points and using the whammy bar, make this an unmissable gaming experience. If you have the right machine, you need this game. It will provide you with hours of entertainment and it really, really rocks!
Macworld (Jan 28, 2008)
Guitar Hero III isn’t without its faults—the game’s original release was laggy, it’s pricey, and its system requirements are extraordinary—but it’s a one-of-a-kind game on the Mac that’s loads of fun.
Digital Chumps (Aug 04, 2008)
If you’ve already purchased a version of Guitar Hero 3, there is no need to get the PC version as it doesn’t really offer anything significantly different. You can turn up the video resolution, and things do appear a bit sharper, but if you’ve seen the game in HD on a 360 or a PS3, you’re going to see essentially the same thing here. Regardless, it’s not like you’re going to really have much time to look anywhere besides the middle of the screen as the notes fly by, so visuals aren’t a major concern. There are no new tracks on this release; it’s really just a quality port of a very good game, with little to no real difference. That said, there’s nothing here that will turn non-Guitar Hero fans into adopters, but at the same time Aspyr deserves credit for making a quality port and offering it to PC and Mac owners alike.
Inside Mac Games (IMG) (Dec 14, 2007)
I’ve been harsh here to a game series I enjoy greatly. I enjoyed Guitar Hero III, but it just doesn't play well on the computer. It just doesn’t belong on a PC or Mac of any sort. Get some of your favorite libations, get two guitars and do get it for your console in your living room I know you have. In the off chance you don’t have a console, get it for your Mac, but I just don’t see any other compelling reason why you should pick the Mac version over the console versions. If you absolutely HAVE to have a guitar rhythm game on your computer, get Frets on Fire as you can customize the experience, and it won’t eat your computer alive. Kudos to Aspyr for porting it, and I wish the game will sell well so they continue their grand tradition of Mac ports, but I just don’t think that this is going to be a huge seller for them.