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Hexen II (Macintosh)

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Hexen II Credits


Project DirectorBrian Raffel
Lead ProgrammerRick Johnson
ProgrammersBen Gokey, Robert Love (The Doctor), Michael Gummelt
Additional ProgrammingJoshua Weier
Lead DesignEric C. Biessman
DesignersBrian Raffel, Brian Frank, Tom Odell
Art DirectorBrian Pelletier
ArtistsShane Gurno, James Sumwalt, Mark Morgan, Kim A. Lathrop, Ted Halsted, Rebecca Rettenmund, Les Dorscheid
AnimatorsMike Werckle, Brian Schubart
CinematicsJeff DeWitt, Jeffrey P. Lampo
MusicKevin Schilder
SoundKevin Schilder, Chia Chin Lee


ProducerSteve Stringer
Localization ProducerSandi Isaacs
Marketing Product ManagerHenk Hartong
European Marketing DirectorJanine Johnson
Marketing AssociateKevin Kraff
Senior Quality Assurance LeadTim Vanlaw
Quality Assurance LeadJohn Tam
Quality Assurance TeamSteve Rosenthal, Michael Spann, Steven Elwell, Igor Krinitskiy, Ian Stevens, Winnie Lee, Kelly Wand, David Baker
Additional QA and SupportTony Villalobos, Marilena Wahmann, Jason Sullivan, Kip Stolberg, Dale Son, David Santos, Daniel McDonald
DocumentationMichael Rivera, Sylvia Orzel, Belinda M. Van Sickle
Chronicle of Deeds written byJoe Grant Bell
LocalizationNathalie Ranson, Lucy Morgan, Alex Wylde, Nicky Kerth
Installer bySteve Stringer, Adam Goldberg, Tanya Martino, Eric Schmidt, Ronnie Lane
Video ServicesChristopher Hepburn, Brian Bright, Ken Ramirez
Art Assistance byCarey James Chico, Franz Boehm
Production Assistance byJonathan Eubanks
Special Thanks ToE.H.S., JKay, Lairdo
BizDev BabeJamie Bafus
Deal GuruMitch Lasky


Thanks to Id softwareJohn Carmack, Adrian Carmack, Kevin Cloud, Barrett Alexander (Bear), American McGee
Published byId Software Inc.

Macintosh Version Published by MacPlay

PresidentMark Cottam
Managing DirectorRon Dimant
Technical DirectorMark Dochtermann
Technical Project ManagerRobert Minnis
Director of Sales and MarketingHenry Price
Creative DirectorJoshua Smith

Macintosh Port Developed by Mumbo Jumbo

PresidentMark Dochtermann
Managing DirectorRon Dimant
ProgrammingRebecca Ann Heineman, Chris Jacobson
InstallerJoel Braby
Quality Assurance LeadDaniel Naruta
Quality AssuranceMatt Loria

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (132109)