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Inside Mac Games (IMG) (Apr 24, 2001)
As we march further into 2001, a title like Hexen 2 really begins to show its age. But before you brush it off completely, grab the demo, bump up the resolution, and have some fun. Playing the game at night with the lights off is definitely recommended, though don’t be surprised if you jump once or twice. Hexen 2 has great boss enemies, fun weaponry, and enough puzzles to keep you busy for quite some time. The lower system requirements will also be a bonus to those of us without G4/733's yet.
LudoMac (Oct 26, 2002)
Donc un jeu qui offre des sensations bien sympathiques et des heures d'énigmes et de puzzle (ou de massacres) malgrés une réalisations qui accuse sérieusement son age.
AppleLinks.Com (Jan 17, 2003)
In Hexen II, you play one of four character classes (although the only difference in game play is what weapons or spells you use) as a lone warrior trying to save the world from being overtaken by the last Serpent Rider, Eidolon. It's a first person shooter, but instead of large guns you get hammers, axes, repeating crossbows, and magic spells. Hexen II is retro as hell, right down to the 3D-smooshed-to-look-like-3D graphics feel. So, you run around, you collect power-ups, you fight progressively stronger monsters. Hexen II was the first 3rd party game to use the Quake engine, and that's what it feels like--another version of Quake. While Hexen II boasts some clever level design, it's only separated from today's shooters by the quality of its graphics, which can seem positively campy at times, they're so retro. The concept however, remains the same as today's games: run and shoot, run and shoot.
Mac Gamer (Aug 20, 2002)
Unless you're game-starved and running on an ancient PowerMac, I wouldn't recommend HeXen II. Yesterday's standards for gameplay were apparently far lower than they are today, and even with MacPlay's $20 value pricing, it's not worth picking up, unless you are optimistic about its multiplayer. Go for a better game in their value line like Giants: Citizen Kabuto or Fallout. HeXen II seems to be an evolutionary step between the frenetic, savage killing of Doom and the cinematic grace of Unreal but manages to achieve the attraction of neither.