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Icewind Dale (Macintosh)

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User Platform Comments Condition
blotherbit congelugant Windows Linear but surrounded by beauty, this game is the dumb blonde among the Great CRPGs. The music is heartbreakingly lovely, and while the movies are foolish, the gameplay is wonderfully illustrated. The endgame battle is a bit heinous and seems constructed by an angry teen. Not Specified
bill hal (3) Windows None Not Specified
tbuteler (3026) Windows None Not Specified
Biggunzlv Windows None Box/Packaging: Item Missing
Original Media: Near Mint
(more info)
n][rvana (1827) Windows None Box/Packaging: Item Missing
Original Media: Item Missing
Manual: Item Missing
Catalog: Item Missing
Reference Card: Item Missing
Additional Items: Item Missing
(more info)
Anthony Dulong (23) Windows Come with cloth map. Box/Packaging: Very Good
Original Media: Near Mint
Manual: Near Mint
Catalog: Near Mint
Reference Card: Near Mint
Additional Items: Fine
(more info)
o0pyromancer0o (193) Windows UK version Box/Packaging: Fine
Original Media: Near Mint
Manual: Near Mint
Catalog: Near Mint
Reference Card: Near Mint
Additional Items: Near Mint
(more info)
ZombieApocalypseGames (2132) Windows None Box/Packaging: Item Missing
Original Media: Near Mint
Manual: Near Mint
Reference Card: Near Mint
(more info)
Andy Voss (1636) Windows None Not Specified
Rob Anderson (113) Windows (duplicate) Not Specified
pcgameguy (43) Windows Includes strategy guide Original Media: Near Mint
Manual: Near Mint
Additional Items: Near Mint
(more info)
fjansso8 Windows Big box Not Specified
Rwolf (6864) Windows None Not Specified

Wanted for Trade

User Platform Comments Desired Condition
ZeTomes (9) Windows Da família interplay / black island. do género neverwinter's night, tradicional rpg, a não perder. Not Specified
thomas jensen Windows None Not Specified
kathryn storm Windows None Not Specified
tank abbot Windows None Not Specified
Christian Riegels (1) Windows None Not Specified
test test (1) Windows None Not Specified
tristram shandy Windows None Not Specified
DaneMarr (2) Windows None Not Specified
Adam Henriksen Windows None Not Specified
Ocean Wilde Macintosh None Not Specified

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