The Journeyman Project Credits

Presto Studios

Lead 3D ModelerJose Albanil
Lead Animator, ProgrammerShadi Almassizadeh
Audio Sculptor, 2D ArtistGeno Andrews
Art Director, Lead ArtistJack H. Davis
Writer, ProgrammerDavid Flanagan
Public Relations, 3D ArtistEric Hook
Project Coordinator, Lead 3D Artist, ProgrammerMichel Kripalani
Lead Programmer, 2D ArtistGreg Uhler
Conceptual DesignJeal Choi, Seiji Matsumoto, Phil Saunders
Death IllustrationRick Schmitz
TalentGraham Jarvis (as Elliot Sinclair), Minako Nakamura (Mars voice), Kristi Pado (Computer-generated personality), Megan Wheeler (as Megan Love)
Key GripFarshad Almassizadeh
PhotographyPhillip Davies, Ted Ver Valen
Print Graphic Design and ProductionJill Davis
PublicityJeanne Juneau, Mike McNeill
CateringJohn Lee

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Credits for this game were contributed by tahtalf (51)