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Macintosh version

Lemmings Main Menu
Fun 1: Just Dig! Briefing
Fun 1: Just Dig!
Fun 1: Just Dig! Completed
Fun 2: Only floaters can survive this!
Fun 3: Tailor-made for blockers
Fun 4: Now use miners and climbers
Fun 5: You need bashers this time
Fun 6: A task for blockers and bombers (note the exit is different from the Amiga/DOS Version)
Fun 7: Builders will help you here
Fun 8: Not as complicated as it looks
Fun 9: As long as you try your best
Fun 10: Smile if you love lemmings
Fun 11: Keep your hair on Mr. Lemming
Fun 12: Patience
Fun 13: We all fall down
Fun 14: Origins and Lemmings
Fun 15: Don't let your eyes deceive you
Don't do anything too hasty
Fun 17: Easy when you know how
Fun 18: Let's block and blow
Fun 19: Take good care of my Lemmings
Fun 20: We are now at LEMCON ONE
Fun 21: You Live and Lem
Fun 22: A Beast of a level
Fun 23: I've lost that Lemming feeling