MDK Credits (Macintosh)

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MDK Credits

Playmates Interactive Entertainment Credits

VP Business Affairs & Product DevelopmentGary Rosenfeld
ProducerCarlos Rodriguez
Associate ProducerAndrew Brown
MarketingMark J. Polcyn, Lee Jones
Lead TesterJose Zatarain
TestersDavid Arranaga, David Ontiveros, Lee Jones
Video Production & EditingLee Jones, Carlos Rodriguez
Consumer ServiceLee Jones
Playmates Interactive Entertainment would like to give special thanks toThomas Chan, Ron Welch, Playmates Toys, Shiny Entertainment, David Perry, Scott Herrington, Sue Lucchino, Chris Archer, Dave Hoffman, Leland Mah, Tallarcio Studios, Tommy Sr., Tommy Jr., Ann Gabrielson, Chester Dublin

Shiny Credits

Executive ProducerDavid Perry
Original ConceptNick Bruty
DesignNick Bruty, Bob Stevenson, Tim Williams
Additional DesignAndy Astor, Martin Brownlow, Shawn Nelson
Programming ToolsAndy Astor, Martin Brownlow
ArtworkNick Bruty, Bob Stevenson, Shawn Nelson
AnimationShawn Nelson, Bob Stevenson, Nick Bruty
Additional WorkTim Williams
ManualTim Williams, Scott Herrington

Shokwave Software, Inc.

Mac OS Conversion byRob Hafernik, Jim Hamilton, Ken Offer

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (204278)