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Myst III: Exile (Macintosh)

Myst III: Exile Screenshots

Macintosh version

Intro cutscene Atrus
Tomahna Sun Room - Catherine (game start)
Tomahna Atrus Study
Tomahna Atrus Study - Book of Releeshahn
Main menu
Game save
Tomahna Atrus Study - Atrus giving us a journal
Tomahna Atrus Study - Saavedro stealing Releeshahn book
J'nanin - Following Saavedro linking book you begin at J'nanin
J'nanin - three tusks ring a large caldera
J'nanin - Saavedro's Observatory in distance
Reviewing journal Atrus provided
J'nanin - Greenhouse at the bottom of the caldera
J'nanin Greenhouse - Observatory elevator
A Squee eating
J'nanin - Saavedro escaping from the observatory
J'nanin reflection poles
J'nanin - prism
J'nanin - entering the Voltaic tusk
J'nanin - Voltaic linking book
Disc swap
Voltaic Small Isle
Voltaic chasm ahead
Voltaic - Power plant entrance
Voltaic Isle from the power plant
Voltaic - on top of the power plant