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A final thought: you know how there are red and blue Pokemon games and now they're coming out with a yellow Pikachu version? They should have added some yellow Pikachu pages to Myst.
HappyPuppy (Jul 24, 2000)
Was I entertained by Myst? Sure. I'm glad I got to play it again. It will bring fresh blood to the Myst fan base just in time for Myst III: Exile, which is due out in the spring of 2001. However, I'd have to advise those who already played Myst--and aren't totally jonesing for their fix--to wait until the new title arrives.
Mac Ledge (Jul 05, 2000)
If you are new to computer games and would like to find out what all that Myst-related fuss was about, Myst:ME offers a nice opportunity. The original game's graphics and sound have been deftly and discreetly enhanced by Presto Studios, and the addition of the DigitalGuide ensures that no player remains resourceless in the face of the game's challenges. Of course, even the cleverest makeover cannot entirely cover the fact that the game is seven years old, and that much of what made it such a groundbreaking title is beginning to look quite dated by now. Still, it's one of the classics and a great way to start your gaming addiction.