Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove (Collector's Edition) Screenshots (Macintosh)

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Macintosh version

Title / main menu
Collector's Edition has additional features such as the built in strategy guide
Collector's Edition has achievements as well
Game start
Inside the abandoned car - Earned an achievement
Found a Video Camera
Missing students recordings
Dire Grove Hotel entrance
Front desk - objects
Living room area
Living room area - objects -a ghost quickly appears and vanishes in the window
Stairs to hotel second floor
Bathroom upstairs
Library - again a sudden flash of a ghostly image in the mirror then it vanishes
Upstairs Bedroom - objects
Hotel Garage - objects
Manager's office
Boat on icy lake
Found a frozen student - Earned an achievement
The town of Dire Grove
Dire Grove Grocery
Grocery basement/storeroom - objects
Dire Grove Museum
Museum storage - objects
Found another frozen student
Fuse puzzle
Ice Bridge House
Ice Bridge House inside - objects