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Ultimately I think Bungie made an excellent attempt taking strategy games to a higher level. Myth misses the mark. A bit too "graphics over gameplay" for my liking. Many of my complaints may well be corrected in subsequent versions of the game. I used a "gold" review copy from Softline here in the UK. Bungie is an excellent game company and I am in no doubt that they will take a keen interest in any criticism of the game. There are rumors about that there will be an update on-line sometime in the next week. It is my hope great hope that Myth II, which there will no doubt be, will prove an amazing game that will blow away anything in its path. I am afraid that until then, for sheer strategy enjoyment (esp. multiplayer), give me Warcraft II anytime.
But MYTH kicks some serious butt. Not since DIABLO has a game so captured my attention and waking hours. With its blend of in-your-face combat, realistic terrain and weather, and entertaining characters, MYTH is a winner.
Mac Gamer (1997)
Another great game from Bungie, Myth provides excellent single and multiplayer games. Mac gamers can happily immerse themselves in a captivating storyline, delicious graphics and big pools of blood. Myth is great for both veteran and new gamers (the ten-year-old of our household occasionally kicks our butt!) Although we like the gore and flying body-parts, this may be too much for some players. It is rumored that a later update or patch will allow you to toggle blood on and off. While the game has no soundtrack, it does have wonderfully realistic "ambient sounds": frogs croak, birds chirp, brooks babble. Myth: The Fallen Lords is, hands down, our favorite game and is definitely one to check out.
Game Revolution (Jun 05, 2004)
Myth is a great game to look at. After beating the first couple of levels, the enjoyment could quickly turn to nausea as try after try fails to pass one single level. The graphics and realism are breathtaking, if only the single player game wasn't so difficult! Experienced gamers will certainly get their money's worth out of this one, but novices should run screaming. If you are into (and good at) real-time strategy games, definitely look into Myth.
Macworld (Dec, 1998)
Real-time strategy games cater to the armchair general, but some people prefer the life of an armchair lieutenant. For them, there's Myth: The Fallen Lords, a war game of staggering realism that focuses on individual soldiers fighting individual, mano a mano battles. Want to live with the hellish uncertainty of the battlefield–to be concerned with the advantages (and dangers) of terrain, the threat of ambushes, and the limitations of an army on patrol? If so, then Myth is your game.
AppleLinks.Com (Jan 14, 1999)
There are so many facets to "Myth: The Fallen Lords" that I can't possibly get to them all without making my editor work overtime. Suffice it to say that this game is as big as its hype (literally...the full install takes up nearly 340MB). But then, certainly you've played it and know this by now, right? If not, you'd better hurry. According to Bungie, "Myth II" is just over that bloody embankment.