Osmos Credits (Macintosh)

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Osmos Credits

Core Team

DirectionEddy Boxerman
Game DesignEddy Boxerman
ProgrammingEddy Boxerman, David Burke
ConsultingAndy Nealen
Additional ProgrammingAndy Nealen
Art DirectionKun Chang

Extended Team

Chief Aesthetic OfficerAngela Schade
AdminAngela Schade
Super‑TesterAngela Schade
Mac PortAaron Barsky
Osmos LogoOwen DeWitt
In‑Game CrosshairOwen DeWitt
Hemisphere Games logoBill Matthews
Achievement IconsJeff Alward


Special edits of 'Discovery' and 'The Shape of Things to Come'Mat Jarvis (Gas/High Skies)
Sound EffectsMat Jarvis (Gas/High Skies)
Special edits of 'Sickbay', 'Rorschach', and 'Lucy Dub'Scott Morgan
'Farewell' and 'From Cover to Cover'Julien Neto
'Antennaria'Geir Jenssen (Biosphere)
Musical compositions 'Osmos themes #1 and #2'Vincent Gagnon, Tristan Bernier
Musical Composition of the 'multimote theme'DJ Paw
The track 'Tones' in the 'multimote theme'Sean Robbins (Silexz)

Sound Effects

Additional Sound Efects fromFreesound [under the creative commons sampling plus 1.0 license], Elektrocell - MoteAbsorb[1-5].ogg [selected from files originally named 207[42-51]_Elektrocell_ab[1-10].wav], fran_ky - Start.ogg [originally named 21150_fran_ky_Harmony_Qbed_2.wav], Jovica - LifeormTerminated.ogg [originally named 4415_Jovica_convoluted_back_to_back_loop_60_bpm_3h.wav]


FrenchSebastien Roldan, Miguel Rua, Romain Killian
GermanHendrik Kueck, Moritz Flucht
ItalianMarco Case
SpanishDonald Wu

Playtesters, great and small

Playtesters, great and smallAll of the above, plus: the Boxman family, Marc Alexa, Aaron Barsky, benihana, Kristian Bergmann, G. Brian (Sanguinax), Eric Brochu, Tyson Brochu, Tamy Boubek, Finlay Costello, Mark Dennis, Jacques Desanlis, Vivian Doan, Mathias Eitz, Fodderman, Clare Golding, James Golding, Uwe Hahne, Rupert Helbig, Romain Killian, Antony Hilliard, jayman512, Øyvind Jernskau, Wyeth Johnson, Brandon Kupers, Hellspawncandy, Hendrik Kueck, Michel Lambert, Luke Leunes, Oyvind Lier, Kevin Lindley, Berkay Ozdenoglu, Amitt Mahajan, Dominic Ng, Amy Norris, Justus Pett, David Pritchard, Christoph Reinbothe, ryandaniels, Warren Schultz, spiralinfusion, Mark Straight, Martin Weber, D. Wolf (FluffyWolf2), Andrew Younker, Johannes Zimmermann

Additional Materials

Fortune city true-type font designed byGraham Meade

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