Out of the Sun Credits


ProducerBryan Walker
ProgrammingDavid W. Payne, Jonathan Newth (at Simis), Colin Boswell
Mac/Power Mac ProgrammingColin Boswell, Michael A. Kelly
3D ObjectsAlan Tomkins, Andrew Osiow, Dee Lee
Graphic ArtistsMelissa Piccone, Rebecca Shearin
D‑Day ScenariosBryan Walker
Kursk ScenariosAlan Tomkins, Bryan Walker
Midway ScenariosMatthew Miller
Interface DesignMelissa Piccone, Colin Boswell, Michael A. Kelly
Box DesignLouis Saekow Designs and, Andrew Osiow
ManualMatthew Miller, Alan Tomkins, Bryan Walker
Manual LayoutMatthew Miller
TestingJeff Cushenberry, Jason Ridge, Bryan Walker, Stewart Leber
ResearchAndrew Osiow, Bryan Walker, Alan Tomkins, Melissa Piccone
MusicDanny Pelfrey (uncredited)
Music DesignRick Rhodes (uncredited)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeanne (76636)