Over the Reich Screenshots (Macintosh)

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Macintosh version

Main Menu
Plane database - FW-190
Plane database can be used to compare planes performance, weapons, etc. for mission planning
Five skill levels
Flight missions for England, United States, or Germany
Select instant dogfights, historical missions, or tours of duty
Tour of duty start - Pilot and skill level
Mission orders summary
Choose pilots by gunnery skills or experience level for each mission
Authentic war clips are added in to help immerse the player into the role
Our flight is jumped by Typhoons
They set our trailing plane on fire and we start evasive action
His plane is in bad shape - We have him bail-out vs loosing a pilot
Finally have the Typhoons in our sights
One of the Typhoons has had enough and escapes
We have the remaining Typhoon smoking
Before we can finish the Typhoon off he gets help from a Spitfire and downs one of our FW-190's
The Spitfire is badly damage and escapes
Mission complete with summary log