Pool of Radiance Screenshots (Macintosh)

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Macintosh version

Title screen
Character creation
1st-person view, building in front of my party
Visiting the temple
Spellbook of my Cleric
Character status
The city clerk
Goblins in the slums
Can't say the Orc doesn't have a valid reason to be angry
Battle screen
I've made it to the wilderness, just outside the city
Fighting a Tiger
Dialogue options during encounters
Gates (or what's left of them) of Sokal Keep
Insect infestation
Surprised a group of Lizardmen in the wilderness (color)
The color support is limited, while things in the 1st- person view and the wilderness are non-monochrome, a lot of other graphics (e.g. portraits) are not.
Graveyard (color)