PowerMonger Credits (Macintosh)

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PowerMonger Credits


Original Game Design byBullfrog Productions Ltd.
ProducerPeter Molyneux
ManagementLes Edgar
ProgrammersSean Cooper, Glenn Corpes
GraphicsGary Carr
Mac Version byAtreid Concept SA
Producer Matthew Webster
ProgrammerJoël Suys
Mac GraphicsOlivier Bailly Maitre
Project Manager (for Atreid)Pascal Gallon
Product ManagerSean Ratcliffe
Game GraphicsGary Carr, Paul McLaughlin, Chris Hill, Findlay McGechie, Andrew Sandham, Paul Clarke
Music and Sound EffectsCharles Callet
DocumentationMichael Humes, Neil Cook
Documentation LayoutTom Peters
Lead TesterDarren King
Additional TestingNick Goldsworthy, Graham Harbour, Rajiv Awasti, Mark Bergan, Michael Cooper, Matt Price

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (194137)