The voiceover for the Gearheads faction is based on the Russian stereotype. When not in combat you may hear them spout sentences such as: "It's hot like in Sochi under this metal", "Reminds me of Chernobyl", "Who's gonna bring zakhuska for vodka?", "I wish I was back in Mother Russia", "Brahtan, I'm hungry like dog", "I miss Mama's borsch" and "Can you believe I used to be a professional hockey player?". Most of these are not consistent with the game world.


  • Rage contains at least three secret rooms that recreate iD's classics - a Wolfenstein 3D room, the first area of E1M1 in DOOM, and the chapter select lobby from Quake. Each area uses authentic textures and sounds from those games. Each room also holds a trinket that can be sold to vendors for around $100; a golden chalice, a marine bobblehead, and a Shambler plush doll, respectively.
  • The player can occasionally find boxes of "Quayola Quayons" with the logo and pick-up sounds from Quake. The label touts 64 shades of brown.
  • The Mixom tools company, created for Doom 3, appears on many of the products in Rage.
  • A Pip-Boy bobblehead is located on the desk of the Mayor of Wellspring, a nod to the Fallout series.
  • In Wellspring, you meet a guard named "Warren" and another one called "Spector". Warren Spector is a well-known game developer and the creator of critically acclaimed titles like System Shock or Deus Ex.

Version differences

The Macintosh version of Rage does not include a multiplayer component; it only includes the single-player campaign. This is because the game utilizes Steam in order to implement its multiplayer and, due to ongoing disputes about Steam's Macintosh distribution policies, Aspyr does not typically release its games through the service. The Macintosh version was re-titled Rage: Campaign Edition to reflect this. This version includes the Wasteland Sewer Missions and the previously exclusive Anarchy Edition equipment as compensation.


  • PC Games (Germany)
    • Issue 01/2012 - #5 Biggest Disappointment in 2011 (Readers' Choice)
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