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If you like ancient Egypt, challenging puzzles with actual clues, and first-person exploration of fascinating environments, Riddle of the Sphinx is for you. Although I experienced some major stucknesses during the game, once I'd broken free of those I was rewarded with ever more immersive gameplay. It's a thinking person's game, and everything you do leads you toward your goal.
For me, Riddle was a very satisfying and exciting opportunity to reexamine a fascinating period of history, presented and captured with beautifully and appropriately detailed 3D graphics, and to interactively participate in the discovery and exploration of enigmatic environments within the magnificent structural wonders of the Giza Plateau. What a wonderful trip ...
macHOME (2002)
Despite the clumsy navigation, Riddle of the Sphinx’s historical grace notes, well-designed puzzles and immersive story make it a game for anyone who envied Indiana Jones the adventure, but not the boulders.
AppleLinks.Com (Feb 22, 2001)
But aside from that, Riddle of the Sphinx is very well done, and I tip my adventure hat to Jeff and Karen Tobler (as well as the rest of their crew). The pacing is slow and the lack of stimuli is sometimes maddening, but it seems to me that this is how real excavations are as well. The adventuring gaming crowd is proud but small, and ROTS probably won't win over any new converts. But those who are already here with us should agree that the five year wait was worth it.
What separates this niche game from the rest in the genre is the huge amount of research behind it. Fans of Myst or those with an interest in Egyptology and puzzle solving will enjoy Riddle of the Sphinx: An Egyptian Adventure but, frankly, most gamers will find the game boring with a sense of "been there, done that."